Cherry Blossom and Lotus

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Devon [Lotus] and CJ [Cherry Blossom]

A shared Tumblr blog of two people with souls like flowers.

Devon: city lights. green and korean royal tea. coffee. tattoos. grey. coffee. too old for this shit. too young to give up.
Comes from the same planet as ChanCreeperYeol and we operate via the Mothership. Occasionally retarded. Troll wife/husband of Lee SungYeol. Has mothered Kai and is birthday bros with him. Motto: NO REGRETS, SON, NO REGRETS!

CJ: pretty things. Asia. Seoul. Tokyo. Korean. Japanese. graphic design. art. red earth snake. scorpio. romantic things. vitamin water. rainbows. love stories. men. Husband/wife of Yang SeungHo. constant hope. spazz queen. writing. traveling. lockets. panda lover. park bom. lee sungyeol. wufan.